Christine Steyer, soprano
"In particular, Christine Steyer’s rendition of Cio-Cio San was notable for gorgeous, satisfying vocal production from top to bottom, consummate musicianship, and charming stage presence.  However, for me, what made her performance completely convincing and satisfying was her ability to project an enormous range of emotions in her singing and acting with minimal theatricality.  The Butterfly role is so well known there is an inherent danger that any interpretation will almost seem to be a cliché of others we have heard unless it obviously attempt to deviate from the norm. Steyer’s version did not need to resort to any manipulative ploys for our sympathy because her emotional presence came across as absolutely honest and heartfelt. From the first notes wafting from off stage at her first entrance, we sensed her deep understanding of Cio-Cio San’s innocence and loveliness, vulnerability and sadness, and believed her completely from that moment on. By the end of the opera, we shared her devastating pain as personally and directly as if she were someone we knew as intimately as family."

  -Stephen Thomas, Professor of Music,

“[As Violetta] Steyer 
not only has the vocal technique to handle the great demands of this role, but completely portrays the complexities of this sympathetic heroine.”
-Oak Park Journal

"As Violetta, Steyer sang with tonal beauty and dramatic conviction.  Her legato was seamless and she was impressive at both ends of the vocal range - we were in tears at the end."
-WFMT's Andy Karzas

"A mature and assured soprano blessed with a magical voice.”
-Wednesday Journal

"[As Pamina] Steyer brings warmth and depth to her lower resisters required by Mozart and adds angelic beauty to her assents into higher octaves portraying perhaps a prayer for help, all with beautifully executed high pianissimos."
-Ed Vincent, Suburban Journals of Chicago

Christine Steyer is the 2011 Winner of The American Prize in Art Song.

Christine Steyer wins the 2011 Johnny Mercer Prize and Bronze Medal at the American Traditions Competition.
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